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Monday, June 22, 2015

Zone Conference! 06/22/2015

Okay I only have a few minutes left... sorry if this email is short!!

This week was crazy! I was sick for a few days, and so we had to stay in. I had a head cold and it gave me an ear infection and everything. But all is well!  We have still had some great experiences!  We have a cute family we are teaching. The kids are always excited to see us! We are teaching them the Ukulele and how to sing I Am a Child of God. (I may have already told you this last week, I can't remembers. I may have sent the picture too, but just in case I didn't ...there is a picture of Luis! :)) We teach them in the park, because they are always there skateboarding. But this week, the dad started showing more interest, and even made us lunch. He invited us to come back next week to have a picnic again. We taught them the restoration, and the dad has a lot of questions. He is very humble, and allows us to teach him and his children. We are encouraging him to pray to know if it is true, and we are still trying to get them all to come to church. They were suppose to come yesterday, but didn't end up being able to. 

Hermana Young is doing great, and she is taking good care of her sick little companion! She makes me soup, and she is always asking me what I need. 

Our District leader, Elder Phillips, got sick and had to go home last monday. It was really sad! He was a really good elder. 
The new elder is an english elder, and he told me I have vampire teeth. It reminded me of the time the elder in the MTC told me I had a red nose when I was sick...

Oh man. My testimony grew in so many ways this week! First off, I received a Priesthood blessing from my district leader! (the Priesthood is the power and authority of God, to act in His name. In our church, worthy males can hold this power and authority, and one of the things they do with it is give blessings to little sick people like me!) Holy cow, I am so in awe of the Priesthood, and I have such a strong testimony of it that I don't even know how to describe it in words! But I am so grateful for it, and for the knowledge and testimony I have of it. I know this church is true because of the power of the Priesthood. 

We had a zone conference as well with Elder C Scott Grow! It was amazing! I will have to write more about it next week. But I loved it! 

Also! On our way home from zone conference, we had to stop and get gas in Arroyo Grande, and there was a worker there that came up the the sisters we had rode with, and told them that he could see a light in all of us. They started talking to him and we all found out he had a copy of the Book of Mormon that he had been reading. He could speak English, but was from Mexico so understood spanish much better. So we started talking to him in spanish, and I realized that he lived right down the road from Maria Santos (the one that was baptized in the wheel chair!) So I pulled out my camera and showed him pictures from her baptism, and he said that he knew them very well and was friends with them! So we were able to tell him that there was a reason we ran into him that day, and we invited him to take the discussions. He said the missionaries could call him, so hopefully he is now investigating! 

<3 Hermana Ricks 

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