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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Welcome to an emotional roller coaster! 06/01/2015

Oh maaaaaan what a week!

So first things first...

MARIA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! Talk about biggest miracle I have ever witnessed in my life, preceded by lots of other miracles. Heavenly Father really must be in charge of this work, or that never would have happened! Thank you for all of your prayers for her, because holy cow. Best baptism ever. 

So how it all went down: We ended up using the bishop from Arroyo Grande 1st Pool! (He basically lives in a castle.) We sat her in a plastic wheelchair and then we got two missionaries, and two members of the ward to all dress up in white and baptize her! We had a member give a talk on Baptism and the Holy Ghost, and then Hermana Wallace and I sang. Shout out to mom! You know that song book you bought me before I left that had the CD accompaniment in it? We used that sense there wasn't a piano, and bishop had a sound system outside! We sang, "I Stand All Amazed" in a mixture of spanish and english. THEN MARIA WAS BAPTIZED!!! Her family didn't come, but her caretaker did! He is awesome. He wore basketball shorts incase he needed to jump in the pool and save her, but  he wore these super high socks and was like, "I wanted to cover up my tattoos to look nice for her baptism." aww. so sweet. And then after she was baptized, he jumped up out of his chair and yelled, "WOOHOO!!!" And started clapping, and then everyone else started clapping too cause it was just the most awesome baptism ever. Seriously, I wish I could have recorded it! 

On Sunday, Maria received the gift of the Holy Ghost, and afterwards she said, "I feel whole now." I love her so much. She calls us, "Hermana Rick and Hermana Wallet." :)

Sad part: I am being transferred. :( I totally got gypped! Only 6 weeks here. I am so sad. They are going to bring in a trio of spanish Elders to cover the english and spanish work, because there just isn't a lot of spanish work here. I know two of the Elders that are coming though, and they are awesome! Downfall: We have to have our apartment cleaned out because no other missionaries are moving in...and there was a TON OF STUFF. We're talkin 9 boxes of supplies and a whole car load to Goodwill. Oh and to top it off, Sister Felix called Saturday night and asked Hna Wallace and I to sing at transfer meeting. Great...

So funny story: Yesterday we were working on cleaning things out, and the zone leaders came over to get our 9 boxes of supplies. Well, right before they came, Hermana Wallace had thrown out this old broccoli and cauliflower...IT STUNK SO BAD. So the zone leaders came, knocked on the door, and the they went back to get there car and pull it up closer. While they were doing that, I ran and grabbed this perfume that had been in my closet for who knows how long. I have no idea who's it was. But it was like fermented or something. So now it smelt even worse. Luckily, the elders couldn't come inside - only to the porch where all the boxes were. Well, we were helping them take it to the car like 20 feet away, and I realized you could smell in all the way over by their car. So I figured, well, we better explain ourselves. So I told the elders what had happened. Elder Young said, "Oh man. I was wondering what that was. I thought it was like maybe a bush or something, but I wasn't sure. I'm really glad you explained yourself Hermanas, because I've corrected Elders on their apartments before but I just really wasn't sure how to correct you. Cause that was bad..." hahahahaha how embarrassing. Oh well. We ended up opening all the windows and doors and faced a fan outwards. We texted them 20 minutes later to report that it now smelled fantastic in our apartment and they said, "Well it couldn't have gotten any worse. That's for sure..." 

 Anyways, I don't have my next address yet, but I know I am going to Morro Bay with Hermana Young! She back-up trained Hermana Huey, and she also served in Oxnard at one point, so it'll be fun.

And the saddest news: I just found out the Hermana Price went home. She had been really sick and had gone to the ER a couple of times. I am glad she was able to serve with Hermana Brown through all of that, because I know she was well taken care of! But I am so sad that she had to go home. We had made a plan to be companions again! Hopefully she will be able to come back out.

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