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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Don't be E-sassy 05/25/2015

OH this week is CrAzY!!
First off, THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!! It was everything I've been needing! Last week, this other super cute couple also gave each of us a package when we went to eat dinner with them. They gave us Burger King gift cards, popcorn, scissors, band aids, hair ties, candy, ...all sorts of awesome stuff!! It was the sweetest thing ever.  

So last week we had an FHE at one of the members of our spanish group. No one else ended up coming besides this family that the dad had served in Honduras and so he knows spanish. At the end, the family who was hosting was like, "We made refreshments!" And they bring out these huge plates of Spaghetti and garlic bread for each of us. Haha...1. This is full on dinner and 2. That's italian food! But they put green salsa on it so it was still Mexican. :) It was super fun though! And they two families bonded well together.

 Wednesday, we were teaching the Restoration to this other less active family, and the dad is SUPER SASSY! I always ask everyone from Mexico that can speak english what the word is for sassy, because I keep hoping there will be one. Well, the dad asked, "Que es e-sassy?" So Hna. Wallace explained to him that it was HIM. She then mimicked him the first time we met (and told him where we were from) telling me that I Idaho was famous for potatoes, but I shouldn't eat french fries. And she mimicked the time we accidentally said "Mormon" and he made a huge deal telling us that we aren't mormons, we are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Anyways, it was super funny. And after she was done mimicking his sassiness, he just sat there with this guilty face, and his wife laughing histarically, knowing that he indeed was very sassy. When we left I said something to him about french fries and he said to me, (read it in a spanish accent) "Don't be e-sassy..."  jajaja One day I'll find a word.

Then on Thursday, President and Sister Felix surprised us all and came to District meeting! No one knew they were coming, and Sister Felix even brought cookies. Her cookies are THE BEST.  It was super fun to have them there! Especially because I didn't have to give a talk that week or anything...:) After district meeting, we went to visit Maria and she was super crazy that day. We were singing "The Spirit of God" and when we got to the part that said, "We'll sing and we'll shout" She goes, "AY!" Super loud. It scared the beejeebees out of me. I started laughing really hard and asked her why she would do that. She was like, "aahahaha because it said 'GRITEMOS!'" She thought she was hilarious.

On Friday, Maria had her baptismal interview!! An Elder from Santa Maria came down because he speaks spanish, and he said that he basically didn't even have to ask her the questions because she just said the answers before he asked them. She is SO excited about her baptism. We are still working on getting everything set up for it. We were planning on doing it at a members pool because she is wheelchair bound, but that ended up falling through. We are trying to see if there is someone else that has a pool. Pray that everything works out so we can do her baptism before the end of this transfer!!

THEN! On Sunday we got to teach Sunbeams. So fun. We even played ring around the rosie.

So during studies this week,, I realized that sometimes I get really caught up in all of the little aspects of missionary work. All of the small rules, and numbers, and trying to please everyone. However, I was reading about when Christ came to the Americas and how he interacted with the people. It made me realize that I did not come on a mission to impress anyone, or to receive any titles, or to prove anything to anyone. I came because Heavenly Father told me specifically that I needed to go on a mission, and because I love him, I came. And because I love him, I do what he asks me to. I follow the rules and serve the people and love the people because I love him. It reminded me of when Christ said the greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart, and the second commandment is to love our neighbors. I think that can be applied to missionary work in so many ways. Everything else falls into place when those are the two things that we worry about the most.
I can't believe this is the last week of the transfer already! Each one gets faster and faster. Next Monday I will know what is going on, and if I am able to stay here another transfer!

OH! I keep forgetting to tell you all!! Regina, who was my investigator in Oxnard (She was supposed to get baptized while I was there but crazy stuff happened) SHE GOT BAPTIZED!!!! I wish I could have gone. Hopefully someone will send me pictures so I can show you!

Anyways, have a great week! I love you all! And Happy Memorial Day!

<3 Hermana Ricks

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