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Monday, May 18, 2015

El Dia de las Madres!! Woot Woot 05/11/2015

Hello my wonderful family!!!!! It was SO FUN to talk to you yesterday!!! I think I told you just about everything yesterday, so I will try my best to think of something to tell you now. But no promises.
I did forget to tell you, this last week we were able to go help paint a water park!! There is a camp site near here called Lake Lopez, and deep inside of it is a little water park. A member of our ward is friends with this Australian guy that just bought it, and he is trying to re-open it on May 18th! The member has been wanting to introduce him to the church, so he thought that a good way to do that would be through service! I got blue paint all over my pants...but none on my Utah State shirt, or my volleyball shoes! Phew. Anyway, he was trying to figure out how to pay us, but the member friend told him we couldn't receive money. He then decided he would just give us water park passes. Hahaha. Can't do that either! People must think we're crazy. But we'll have to come back after my mission, cause it does look like a really fun little park!
Anyways, I was trying to think of a funny story at your request to tell more funny stories, but I really can't think of any. This week was weird. Not bad, but just weird. We met a lot of members. We are trying to gain the support of the english members for the spanish group, so we go around and share a lot of little messages with them - usually about the atonement. It's really fun! There are a lot of awesome people here.
Tomorrow we get to go on a hike with President and Sister Felix! That will be really fun! Speaking of hikes...I had Hna Brown and Hna Price send a box of stuff home including my chacos. Have you gotten it yet? I don't even know if they've had a chance to send it. But let me know when you get it! There's a bright orange hat with a bear on it for Keenan!
But...sorry this email is gonna be lame! I already told you everything yesterday! I'll close off with a spiritual thought. :)
This week I was studying the part in 3 Nephi where Christ comes to the Americas. I didn't necessarily learn anything new this time, but I did feel the spirit very strong. I know that Christ is living today, and I know He is the son of God. I know He died for me, and is our savior. I feel His grace helping me every single day. I could not do this without Him. He makes everything possible. I am so grateful for such a selfless brother who was willing to go through so much, so that I could have a chance at receiving eternal happiness. I know this is His true church, and I am so honored and humbled to be His servant. I love telling every single person I meet about this joyous message. It is such a humbling experience, and I continue to gain so much perspective of what really matters. I have grown so much more love for all of you, and I am so glad I get to be you with you crazy monkeys for eternity! Thank you for everything. I love you.
<3 Hermana Ricks

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