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Monday, May 4, 2015


"Hey, we should go to Jalisco's for Pico de Mayo!"
"You're so dumb, it's Cinco de Gallo...oh wait"

jajajaja I can't believe that was a year ago, and now here I am speaking spanish. If I were to hear ANYONE say "Pico de Mayo" or "Cinco de Gallo" now, I would think they were an idiot. Glad I'm not so dumb anymore. :)

Thank you SO MUCH! For my BUMP DAY package! I didn't even realize I was so old until I got that package! It's going so fast, and it's only getting needs to STAHP. 

So this area is AWESOME! We have spent a lot of our time this week trying to gain trust of the english ward members that speak spanish, so that they will have a desire to help us with the spanish group. We have been focusing a lot on them. We have made it a goal to call our dinner appointments two days in advance, ask them what they would like us to share a message about, and then we invite them to bring a less active family that they home or visit teach. We have seen so many miracles just in the last week of showing this little bit of added time and attention to our members. This week at sacrament meeting, we ended up having a few english members attend our group, and we also had all of our less actives attend, minus one. It was a true miracle that came from fasting, and from our efforts in strengthening the members! We have hope that this effort will result in many more miracles, and the members of our group will begin to reach out to others that need the gospel. A lot of this success is because of your inspired letter dad! Where you told me that it was when missionaries testified of Jesus Christ and helped you to strengthen your faith that you then wanted to be a part of this work. So thank you for sharing that with me! :) 

Hermana Wallace is such a good example to me! I love working with her. She is a wonderful companion and friend. We have a lot of unity in the work, and she's hilarious. 

It was also super fantastic to go to the beach this week!! SO PRETTY! 

So went to go visit a less active this week that we had never met before. We show up and he's up on a ladder taking apart his roof. When he found out that I was from Idaho he went off on how unhealthy french fries are and that I can't eat them anymore. I told him that I was going to anyways. :) He was super funny. And sassy.

Also, I do love this area a lot. But there are definitely some characters...this week we decided that our area is like a cake, and each member of our group completes the cake. You've got those members that are like the icing on the cake, but then there are some that are like the icing on the tinfoil that covers the cake... 

Anyways, happy Cinco De Mayo! Happy Mother's Day! (I AM SO EXCITED TO TALK TO YOU!!) And May the Fourth be with you. :D

<3 Hermana Ricks

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