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Monday, April 27, 2015

Bye Bye Helote, Hello Lasagna! 04/27/15

Hello Family!! How are you all?

So it was really hard saying goodbye to Oxnard. I loved the people there so much. 

So really quick, I forgot to tell you that Mexicans can't say my name very easily. One day, we were teaching Isidro, and someone else walked by and tried to say my name. He told them, "Como una galleta (It's like a cookie) - Ritz!" 

Haha anyways, I went on Monday night to say goodbye to Isidro and I just cried the whole time. Hermana Brown talked for me and told him that was we would never forget him. He told us that he would never forget us either because we were his teachers! He turned to me and said, "Y usted es mi galleta!" :) 

Arroyo Grande is SO different from Oxnard! We are over three ward's boundaries, and we work with the spanish speaking people. There are 6 members of our unit, and all of them are less active. We are going to focus this transfer on helping them a lot. We have some really awesome investigators! There is so much potential here and I love it so much. The first couple days I was really worried that it wouldn't be as grand as Oxnard, but I was so wrong! It is a lot different, but I love it just as much. 

We eat dinner mainly with the english members, so bye bye Helote. :( But it's okay, Lasagna is really good too! :) The members are so supportive and love the missionaries! I actually just met a family that has a son on a mission in Minnesota... They checked with their son today to see if he knows Graham, and it turns out, their son was Graham's zone leader last transfer! Crazy!!! (They are the ones that sent the picture of Hna Wallace and me.) 

Hermana Wallace is so cute! She is from Gilbert Arizona and has been out for a year. She is super tiny holy cow. She reminds me of a mixture of a bunch of my friends, so she is really fun to work with! 

We live right by the ocean, and we actually got special permission to go to a ward bonfire on the beach tonight, so that will be really fun!! Ill try to take lots of pictures. This will probably be the only time I step foot on the beach until I come back to visit.

I love you all! I know Christ's atonement can work miracles through all of us, and if we let him help us, our weaknesses will become our strengths. Have a great week! :) 

Trystan LOVES Mexican food and will miss it dearly while she is serving in Arroyo Grande!

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