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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Last week of the transfer..say whuuut. ??? 04/13/15

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!!! ( AND MOM AND AUNT STACEY LAST WEEK!!!!!!!) I hope you all had/will have amazing birthdays full of lots of cake and ice cream! (P.S. We went to a birthday party the other day where they shoved the girls face in the cake and then asked us if we wanted a piece. Ummm...I did before you got face all over it, but thanks anyways. I'm glad we don't have that tradition. :))
Okay first thing's first. Story time seriously kills me. We either need to start coming at a different time, buy earplugs, or go sing with them and THEN email.
I'm so glad you all got to talk to Hno Nunez!! He is the best. He is so cool. He helps us missionaries a lot! There are 3 sets of missionaries in the ward and he takes care of all of us. He has a super cute family, and is like a big kid!
So I realized that I totally forgot to tell you all about the TEMPLE last week! It was SO AMAZING! It is so different going through as a missionary! The LA temple is a lot like the Idaho Falls temple, but it's even bigger and it's so pretty. The ward mission leader and his wife took us. I can't even get over how cute they are. They took us to Jack in the Box afterwards as well. They are some of the sweetest people I have met here, I want you all to meet them! We also went to the distribution center afterwards and it was like Christmas morning! I don't think I've been so excited to shop somewhere in a long time. Talk about #nerdymissionaryprobs.
Isidro came into church yesterday and he looked like a new person. It is incredible seeing the difference the gift of the Holy Ghost makes, just even in the apprearance of a person! It's like he stands taller, and he is more confident now. Ahh I love it!
Speaking of that, the other day Hna Brown and I were walking down the street to a dinner appointment and a man stops us on the street and started talking to us in Spanish. When I responded back in spanish he was really surprised and was like, "You speak spanish?!" Anyways, he told us that he could tell there was something different about us so he had to stop and say hi, even though he was in a hurry. We gave him a pass-along card and now he's basically going to get baptized. Just kidding, it wasn't in our area so we don't even get to teach him, but one day, it's gonna happen! It was awesome. 
I can't believe it's the last week of the transfer already! What the heck?! I'll let you all know next week if I'm staying or not!
I love you all! Thanks for being the best family ever! Everyone, go chase down this man with a hotdog stand called DAWGS and eat some lunch. Love you all! :)
<3 Hermana Ricks 

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