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Monday, April 6, 2015


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This week was AWESOME!!
1. I went on exchanges in VENTURA! With Hermana Bennion. Hermana Huey is now her companion, so Hna Huey got to work with Hna Brown again in Oxnard and EVERYONE was so excited to see her! Ventura was SO pretty! It's only like 15 minutes away from Oxnard, but it's so different! We didn't teach a lot of people because everyone kept cancelling, but I learned a ton from Hna Bennion, she's so great. And we got to eat at California Pizza Kitchen! Emily's brother is the head manager there. Unfortunately, it was his day off. But I told Max, our waiter to tell him hi! And I also told Max that I would tell Emily to tell Nate that he's an awesome server! So shout out to Emily. Max is great! A super nice LDS family saw us eating there and paid for our dinner! It confused Max a lot when he realized we didn't know the family previously though. Haha :)
2. Conference was AWESOMEEEEEEEE!!!! I don't know if it was just different than normal this year because I'm a missionary, or because it was just different. But I loved it! I thought it was really interesting how much they focused on the Plan of Salvation and fortifying families. Hna Brown and I thought they were going to call the next speaker and it was going to be Jesus Christ himself! We wouldn't have been surpirsed. They talked a lot about the Second coming. If I could summarize the most important message that I got out of Conference, it would be to not waste time! We need to share this message with people, and prepare ourselves for the great day of the Lord!
Also regarding conference, I testify that Thomas S Monson is a prophet of God. I know he is, and I will tell anyone that. I know this is His church, and Jesus Christ himself is the head of it. I don't believe God would send us down here and except us to live without guidance of how to return back to him. He loves us too much for that. That is why he gives us the blessing of a prophet! Because we need someone that is humble enough to lead us and tell us what God wants us to know. I know that Thomas S. Monson is that man right now, and I am so grateful for his example!
*Random Fact* Story time has started in the Library again. Oh boy.
3. Isidro! Our investigator Isidro was baptized last Friday!!! It was such a good baptism! The first time his hand didn't go under the water and he hadn't plugged his nose, so he stood back up really panicked. They re-did it, and the second time he stood back up and you could see on his face how much peace he felt. I could see in his face the forgiveness of the Atonement! It was so cool. I hope I never forget that! He then received the Holy Ghost yesterday between sessions at the church. He's so awesome!
Also, for Easter none of us had a dinner, so we all made our own creations and ate together! It was THE BEST! Seriously. I made Deviled (?) Eggs and smoothies! I'll try to send a picture of it!
Well, I want to know what you all thought of conference! I love you all!! Have a great week!
<3 Hermana Ricks 


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