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Monday, July 27, 2015

Essufocate! 07/20/2015

Oh boy. We just have way too much fun over here in Morro Bay! This week was so fun! First off, Hermana Young and I sock wrestled. (Put socks on and wrestled trying to get each other's socks off.) Unfortunately, she won. Barely. It was a close battle! But we are going to rematch.

Monday, we were at a recent converts house whose husband is learning english. He always asks us questions about english, and this time he asked us about a word he saw on a plastic bag. "Suffocate." Like thirty minutes later, we heard him whispering "Essufocate. Essufocate. Essufocate." We told him it was kind of creepy when he said it like that..hahaha! They are awesome! 

Also, last night we called in to report our numbers for the week to the elders and we made this sweet rap. We are just basically the coolest. Hermanas. eva. 

We had a ton of super great lessons this week! We taught Daniel, the one that sang with us in church, the Plan of Salvation. It is a good thing I have a testimony of it, because he is way too smart for me to teach otherwise. Things that have taken me forever to understand about the plan, he just understands the first time he hears it! He is incredible. 

Also, you know the kids that we are teaching? They called us four times this Sunday and left messages telling us that we needed to make sure and get them a ride for church because they really wanted to come! (Last week, their ride went to pick them up, and the other lady that lives in the house that doesn't like us told the ride that they weren't home. We found out later that they had waited 3 hours ... But we got them there this week!) Also, their family is being kicked out of the house on the 28th, and they can't find another place to rent. Pray for them! We got to the park to teach them the other day (they are always there so we just drop by and see them) and Luis was talking to this homeless lady. When we walked up she said, "Oh he has been telling me all about you! And that you teach him about Jesus, and he's been singing me songs about Jesus (I am a child of god of course :))." What a good little missionary! (We also taught them the song, "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission." Anyways, then the lady said, "He came up to ask me why I was sleeping, and I asked him if he knew what homeless meant, and he said, 'Yeah, my family might be homeless soon.'" Ahhhh please pray for them! 

Anyways, this area is the best! I LOVE it! :) We have interviews with President tomorrow. He said he is excited to come see our apartment and our view. :) And I love being a missionary. I get SO EXCITED to study every day, because I am learning so much each time! The gospel is amazing. We are so blessed to have it. I know it is true. 

Have a great week! 

<3 Hermana Ricks

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