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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Three Homeless People, Dog-sitting, and Displeasing that Lady... 08-17-2015

Welcome to the last week of the transfer! And ... this last week was weird. Plus, it was my year anniversary for getting my mission call! 

But first, let me tell you how I love Morro Bay so much. 

We have a new investigator named Dave that I would like to tell you about today! He was referred to us from his Inactive girlfriend a few weeks ago, and he was just able to meet with us this week. He is not a Christian, but he has a strong belief in God and he knows that God is smarter than him. We were able to explain the difference between justice and mercy to him, and he was able to see a need for Jesus Christ, but he told us that he would need to ponder it and feel it. He also told us that he needs to read the Book of Mormon in order to find out if there is a need for Jesus Christ because it is what differentiates us from other Christian religions. He is very smart, but very humble! I am so excited to work with him. Hopefully I get to stay another transfer here!!! 
The ward is also doing amazing. The bishop has a lot of trust in us and we had the best ward council meeting I have ever been in in this area yesterday. We really feel the ward is gaining a lot of trust in missionaries, and because of that, a lot more are willing to join in the work! Bishop is hilarious. He always talks to us about the crazy things going on in his yesterday at church when he showed us his homemade stitching job on his knee that he fell down and busted open... he said, "I didn't need to go to the doctor. I looked it up on the internet!" :) 

So we have been doing a lot of weeding this week! There is a lady that owns a flower garden and is friends with some members that live here. The big rain storm we had made a ton of weeds pop up, and now she is over-loaded! So we have been going with the Elders and weeding our little hearts out! 

We also had three nights in a row of double desserts... BIG desserts. I almost didn't even have a dessert spot in my stomach anymore, dad! 

Then, the weird day. Sunday. Three homeless people came to church...none of which knew each other before hand. One of the lady's brought her dog, but obviously couldn't take it inside. So we ended up dog-sitting during sunday school so that it wouldn't bark outside the door. Good thing the dog was cute! She reminded me of Okie, but much thinner. Then to top it off, during the week an older lady in our ward called and asked us to bring a bible to church so she could give it to her friends. Well, in the midst of crazyness, we totally forgot it. Bit luckily the elders had a New Testament in their bag! So we gave that to her. All was well. Until she realized it was just the old testament...she was NOT happy. Awkward!  

On a more spiritual note, I have gained such a strong testimony of prayer this week! I have been studying revelatory prayer, and what it means to allow Heavenly Father to inspire the words that you say during a prayer. After studying it, and pondering it for many days, yesterday as we were at a member's home and she asked me to say the prayer, I felt my words being guided by the spirit. After the prayer, the member looked up and said, "Thank you. You might think that was a normal prayer, but you don't know how personal that really was to me, and how much I needed it." It was such a cool experience, and it is now my goal to have each prayer I say be like that. I want to be able to be a vessel for the blessings on these member's homes like Alma was on the home of Amulek. I encourage you all to develope these kinds of prayers, and strive to live after the will of God and not your own will. This will begin as you allow him to direct what you pray for. 

Have a WONDERFUL week! I love you all! 

<3 Hermana Ricks 

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