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Monday, October 5, 2015

(no subject) 10/05/15

Well, sad news. I am leaving Morro Bay. :''''( I am so sad! I totally thought that I was staying another transfer to be quite honest. I was shocked when they called and said, "Hermana Ricks! You are going to be transferred to Lompoc to work with Hermana Peirir." (I think that's her name...I've never met her before! But she is currently companions with Hermana Wallace -so that will be fun!) I do know that Hermana Peirir is a native, and that there are lots of spanish speakers in Lompoc, so I am excited to get to practice my spanish a lot! 

So on Tuesday we went to go visit the young women at mutual at the church, and we heard this mariachi band playing from Del Mar park (which is right next to the church). So we figured there was a huge party with lots of Latinos, so we decided we would walk over there instead and see if we could talk to anyone! Well, we got over to the park and it was pitch black. We looked from the music, and then we saw this group practicing down in a drainage pit thing in the middle of the field. So we sat there and listened and then clapped for them. We asked them if we could take a picture with them, and they told us that we were there first performance! I think they also said that it was their first practice together. But I'm never 100% positive of what anyone tells me in spanish...

The Diaz family is doing SO. WELL. We had two lessons with them this week, and they are just the most golden investigators I have ever met. The first lesson this week, when we started we asked who wanted to say the prayer. We thought that Hermana Diaz was going to say it, and then all of a sudden she starts having her little 3 year old daughter repeat her words! And then at the end we started talking about church and she said, "Oh yeah, we are sorry we haven't been able to come when you've invited us! The first sunday we can, we are going to come." We then asked if they worked on sundays and she said, "My husband has Sundays off, and I am trying to ask for them off too." UMM OKAY YOU ARE JUST PERFECT. Then the next lesson, at the end we asked them if they had felt anything since we had started teaching them, and the 12 year old son, Sergio Jr. said, "Well I've learned a lot, but not as much as I would like to." AHHHH I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE THIS FAMILY!!!!! I told Hermana Donnelly that she better let me know when they get baptized so I can come to the baptism!!

Well, saying goodbye to everyone was super sad. And I didn't even have church to see everyone at because it was conference!
But wasn't general conference amazing?! I loved every second of it! I felt like the overall message was how to better ourselves - especially through partaking of the sacrament. I loved Larry R Lawrence's talk where he challenged us to ask Heavenly Father, "What is keeping me from progressing?" I also loved the idea of ponderizing!! I haven't chosen a scripture of the week yet, but I will today! Have you all? 

I am so grateful for President Thomas S Monson and his example and dedication to bear witness of the living Christ. I know he is a prophet and mouth piece for the living God. 

I love you all! I hope you have a great week!!
And thank you for the package!! I have already been using the animal balloons, and Shay! Tonight we are going to teach the Diaz family about following the prophet with your animal balloon idea! :)


<3 Hermana Ricks 

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