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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


So this week I got to go back to OXNARNIA for a day!!! But I didn't get to actually drive through my area, just to the mission office. :( But it was still super crazy to see everything again! I can't wait to go visit all of the people there..I miss them so much!

We had another lesson with the Diaz family (our miracle family that we met!) And their little Chihuahua that looks just like Okie was there. He went to go eat some chips that had been left on the couch and I yelled at him in spanish and told him he would be fat like my dog if he wasn't careful. I am taking a picture of Okie to show them all tonight. And I'll take a picture with Pulgarcito as well to show you all how skinny he is! :)

We met another AWESOME investigator named Samuel this week! He has been searching for a church, and he met the english speaking missionaries a few weeks ago. They gave him our number, and he called us up all on his own and set up an appointment! WOOHOO! (He also works at a bakery, so that's a plus cause we all know Hermana Ricks loves bread...) He is such a nice man. And he has so much faith! We are excited to start teaching him. 

The area is progressing so well. I really don't want to leave yet! I will find out on saturday if I get to stay another transfer or not. Pray that I do get to stay! We have a new ward mission leader, Brother Ryan, and he is so great! He was in the first group of Preach My Gospel missionaries, and he is really excited about the work. In ward council this week, for the first time in the last 3 transfers that I have been here, we had a good discussion on the needs of the Spanish group in this area! The young men's president (who speaks spanish and attends the group every once in a while) asked the question, "What is our goal of the Spanish group? If it is to get these people to the temple, then it isn't possible and their progression is hindered by just coming to the group." We then spent the rest of ward council talking about what we can do. We were able to explain our concerns of there being a lack of fellowship for investigators that we bring, because there aren't very many members that attend the group. We were then able to talk to the spanish members that night, and found out that they are able to change their work hours so that we can have spanish group during the morning - allowing spanish speaking members the opportunity to attend more than just a sacrament meeting. This will be so great for our other families that have children who will now be able to go to primary and young men and young womens! We are really excited to see the progress of the group and the shift in focus the ward has taken. It seems that everyone has in their goals that we want there to be a self sustaining spanish congregation here - hopefully a ward one day! :) 

I LOOOVED women's conference! It was so good! All of it! If you haven't watched it or don't know that that is...go on and watch the women's broadcast. It was incredible. I loved the story that President Uchtdorf shared as well. It answered so many of my questions! I encourage you all to take the time to watch General Conference this weekend. Prepare questions for it, and be ready to have your minds blown by the answers. I testify that we have living prophets today who lead and guide our church. They teach the puer docterine of Jesus Christ, and they are special witnesses of Him. If you need more faith in Jesus Christ, look to these men for assistance. 

I love you all! Have a great week! :) 

<3 Hermana Ricks 

Here's a picture from the mission office in the 'NARD.
sunset :) be jelly!

Oh well buenos dais Deer. (They always run by during studies!)

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