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Thursday, September 3, 2015

A que hora pasas por el pan? 08/31/2015

Do you all want to know a Mexican pick-up line? A que hora pasas por el pan? There ya go. Use it. 

Well, training is a very humbling experience! I am finding out very quickly how much spanish I do not know, how much skill I do not have, and how much I really do need to rely on my savior. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and so grateful that I was blessed with such an awesome trainee to work with me through this! Her name is Hermana Donnelly, and I am so excited to work with her. She is hilarious, and she has such a desire to speak spanish and share her testimony. She is doing better and better every single day. The first couple days she felt very overwhelmed and was very frustrated with herself. However, I have seen a drastic change in her personality and I can tell she is settling in! We are getting along great. She is incredible with spanish. Her accent is so good, and she knows a ton of grammar and words that I just recently learned! I definitely feel inadequate to be her trainer, but I know the Lord will qualify me. I trust Hermana Donnelly, and know that she is here to teach me, and the people in Morro Bay a lot about the gospel and about just how to be awesome! 

The area is doing well! We did a lot of potential knocking this week, so we didn't have a ton of actual lessons (no one would answer their door, or let us get to the point of a lesson) but it was really good! I took Hermana Donnelly to meet the bishop and the ward mission leader the first day, and so she knows the ward well! :) 

I have grown a testimony this week of charity! Yesterday in church they talked a lot about President Nelson's talk about keeping the Sabbath day holy. We all discussed how we can't just go by a list of do's and don'ts, because there is always a loop hole. That is why we have to go by the spirit of the law, and allow our motive to be our love for Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. It is the same in missionary work. Every single person has a different perspective and way of serving through exact obedience, and I believe that if our first motive is to love God, and our second is to love our fellow-man, then we will end up being exactly obedient in all that we do. 

Nothing exceptionally funny happened this week because it was just a crazy week. But it was a good time, don't worry! Hopefully I will have some funny things for you all to read next week. 

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 

<3 Hermana Ricks 

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