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Monday, February 9, 2015

Best Week Ever! 2/7/2015

This week was AWESOME! We are really seeing the hand of the Lord in our work. We have an investigator with a baptismal date, and she came to church for the second week yesterday! She also brought a friend who lives with her! We can't technically count her friend as our investigator because she doesn't speak Spanish, but they are both going to be baptized, and we believe it's going to happen this transfer! We also had a family come to church! The mom is a less active that was baptized about four moths ago, and the dad is investigating the church. He knows it's true, and is just really stubborn so he hasn't been baptized yet. He promised us on Saturday that he would come to church, but his wife said she didn't want to come because she had to work late, and she wanted to sleep. We said okay, and asked if we could stop by the next morning. We did, and they were both up and in the middle of moving. (They are moving to the apartment next door.) We were really worried that not even the dad would come, but Hermana Huey told them that we had brought pancake mix for breakfast, that we would help them get ready, and that we would help them move after church. They ALL ended up coming! It was a miracle. And it was so fun to make them pancakes! We tried making Mickey Mouse ones, but they didn't turn out that well.... We'll have to work on it. 

Hermana Huey plays the violin, so this week we went to a lot of houses and she played while I sang. It was so cool! We had a lot of success with it. 

Funny story: So we were walking down the side walk and a man started talking to us! He was like 60 years old. He told us how beautiful we were, and was just super funny. After talking to him for a while we asked if he had ever met with missionaries before! He listed off all these churches and said how he talked with everyone! Hermana Huey asked if he had ever talked to the Mormons. He said, "Oh no Mormons are no good. Ill talk to anyone except the mormons! They are bad people!" Hermana Huey was all, "Are we bad?" And he was like, "No! What religion are you guys anyways?" And her eyes got really big and excited and she said, "Somos las mormones!" Then his eyes got really big, he pointed at Hermana Huey, looked at me, and went "Oh-hohohohho...but you aren't bad!" Hahahaha it was hilarious. We laughed for like an hour. 

Anyways, this week we have really been trying to just follow the will of the Lord. We have seen his hand in our mission more and more each day. We have had so many tender mercies! Like when we were running late after lunch and it was raining, and right before we were about the walk out the door the mailman rang the door with THE CUTEST VALENTINE'S PACKAGE EVER!!!! He said, "Oh I'm so glad you're home! I didn't want to leave this out in the rain!" Seriously, thank you so much. That was the cutest package! Keenan did a marvelous job decorating it! ;) But some other tender mercies... There have been a couple times when we pulled up outside of a house right as the person that lived there, and we hadn't been able to find them for a few days! And we have been led to so many houses that we know the Lord had guided us to. I don't really know how to describe it, but I have never had such a close relationship to the Savior before. I know Jesus is the Christ, and I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity to be His representative, and have such a special relationship with Him. 

I love you all so much!!!!!! Have a great Valentine's Day!!!

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