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Monday, November 2, 2015

I Burnt Down the Apartment... 11/02/2015


Okay I actually didn't burn down the apartment, but we did see this apartment on the same day that I almost burnt down the apartment! I was making oatmeal on our gas stove, and it was FREEZING that morning, so I had a blanket around me. Well, I didn't realize that the blanket had fallen super close to the flame, and it burnt a hole through my blanket...moral of the story: don't wear a blanket while making oatmeal. 

So last monday on P-Day we carved pumpkins! I'd love to show you a picture, but I forgot to take one before the pumpkin went all nasty. But it said "HLJ" (Haz Lo Justo). Today we were going to go take pictures at the beach, but it is raining finally so we aren't! Maybe that means I'll have time to write letters!

Also, Mom! Thank you for all of the crazy Halloween stuff! It made weekly planning a lot more exciting since that is what we did Halloween night! We got to use crazy fingers and lips. :) Everyone thinks you are the coolest mom ever - I think they are right! 

We had a good week in Lompoc following the spirit. We have a two investigators that we have really been focusing on, trying to have daily contact, and it is working really well! I have never successfully just stopped by an investigators house for 3 minutes before to quickly follow up, say a prayer, drop a spiritual bomb, and then leave, but we did this week and it was awesome! I really want to focus on having daily contact and involving members with that daily contact. Pray for the Ramirez and the Hernandez family! And that we will find more people to teach. :) 

We had a really good turn out at our ward's trunk or treat - an investigator that we hadn't been able to get a hold of, a random person we invited, and an in-active member that know one really knew about. I feel more urgent about time and about teaching people than I ever have in my mission, and I am really grateful for it. I am starting to see just how short and precious time really is. My mission is going to fast! So I need to make ever second count. 

Hermana Pirir and I are teaching better together. We struggled a lot following the same line of thinking with everything, but we are working on it, and I can definitely see a difference in our lessons now than from at the beginning! We are both trying really hard to just follow the spirit, and I feel like we are beginning to have the same goals for the area. She is such a great missionary!

I have gained a testimony this week of the power of the Book of Mormon and of the power of the Holy Ghost. I am working on teaching with the Book of Mormon, and testifying frequently, and I feel so different now walking out of a lesson. Rather than being worried if I said something wrong, I am able to know I said everything I needed to, because the spirit was there. I also feel such a desire to share this message with everyone, and to help them regardless of if they actually accept the message or not. I really love the people here so much, and desire the salvation on their souls! (That is one of our mission focus'.) 
I know that Heavenly Father is so mindful of each of us and of every little situation we are going through. I am so grateful for the relationship I am forming with him and his son Jesus Christ. They both love us so much. And they have a plan for me and my life. And for your's too! :) 

I love you all! Have a great week, and say your prayers so you can know God loves you too! :) 

<3 Hermana Ricks 

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