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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hermana Sassy is my name! 01/04/2016

Well, transfer meeting last week was the saddest one of my mission! Both of my trainers left me, and Hna Jeronimo! I love them all so much. I might be biased, but I think it was also the best transfer meeting (the missionaries going home share their testimonies and their's are so powerful!)

As hard as it was to leave Ventura, I love Santa Maria already! As soon as I got here I knew that it was right. I mean, I still wish I had gotten more time in Ventura, but I definitely wouldn't trade it for coming here. That seems to happen every time I get transferred. The Lord always has a plan for us!

One awesome thing about this area, is that I have actually met a lot of people before, because I have been on three exchanges to this area, and we had a lot of association with this branch when I served in Arroyo Grande. So I already know some of the members and investigators. One less active family that we started teaching when I was in AG is now coming to the branch here! Yesterday, the dad got up and bore his testimony. If you remember, he is the really sassy man that we taught the word sassy to 8 months ago that always told me that I shouldn't eat french fries. Well, when I saw him he remembered me and said, "Hermana Sassy! I went to Idaho and looked for your dad's hotdog cart, but I didn't find it!" We then set up an appointment with him and I told him when we came I wanted to eat some french fries for dinner. He just looked at me and said, "still? ay ay ay." hahahaha :) 

Hermana Hurley is my companion, and she is so awesome. She is from Minnesota (shout out to Graham!) and she comes from a family of...PROFESSIONAL CLOWNS! Guess what that means dad! I will become a much better animal balloon artist this transfer. :)  But seriously, she is so hilarious. She is always cracking me up! oh haha and her family sent her this work out CD that they made...funniest thing ever. 

Anyway, this week I actually got a pretty crazy cold...I think everyone in California did. It ended up giving me an ear infection and now I am dizzy all the time! But that's okay. It's getting better slowly... 

We had a cool experience this week with our investigators - la familia Jimenez. They have been investigating for a long time and we talked to them about how the spirit works, and then asked them to close the lesson and say a prayer to ask if our message was true. We told them that we would sit there for a few minutes afterwards to think about it. After a few minutes, we all sat back up on the couch, and the dad, who offered the prayer, said, "I felt nervous!" We asked when and he said right after he finished the prayer! He continued to explain that it was like an energy in his heart that he could feel all of a sudden! We asked the mom how she felt and she said, "I felt so happy I just wanted to smile and laugh so hard!" And the son said, "I felt like my dad and like hot - like I was going to start sweating!" What a miracle. Every single one of them felt a manifestation of the reality and truthfulness of this message in their own unique way! 

That is something that I have gained a testimony of this week - the reality of the Love that God has for us. It is amazing how much he leads us in our own personal way. Hna Hurley and I were talking about it and it's like when there are two best friends that have an inside joke that helps create a stronger bond in the relationship. Heavenly Father is always dropping us little subtle hints that later answer bigger questions that allow us to know he loves us and is there for us. And my favorite part is when you can look back and see the hand of the Lord in your life! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and a wonderful year! Love you all!

<3 Hermana Trystan Ricks

and this is my new companion. :)

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