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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Someone is crushin on my companion... 01/11/2016

Santa Maria is so awesome! I love the fact that there are just people every where we go to talk to. We have a lot of people to work with! We are trying to figure out how to balance our finding, set appointments, less-actives, and members. 

I have gained a testimony this week of the Book of Mormon. I have felt the spirit so strongly as I read it. In english I am marking every time the name of the Savior is mentioned, and in spanish I am working on a goal we have as a mission to mark the gospel of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, and enduring to the end.) The goal is for everyone to read the BOM marking these topics before the next zone conference in March. 

So we had a really cool experience with service this week. We were at Catholic Charities, and the people there LOVE the missionaries! When we were about to leave, one of the workers started giving us lots of fatherly advice about staying safe and everything, and he started telling us stories about times that he has received guidance and answers from Heavenly Father. At the end he said, "Man, when this world gets even more wicked, I am going to have to turn to people like you. I can't even say that about most of the people in my own church! Now I've talked a lot. Next time maybe I'll let you talk a little more." It was such a miracle! The spirit was so strong as he spoke to us and testified to us of the reality and love and plan that Heavenly Father has for us, and it was so amazing to see that he could see a special light in us. 

We also had exchanges this last week with the Hermanas in Santa Barbara. I went with Hermana Wright! She is from Texas and she is in her third transfer. Her spanish was AMAZING and she is such a hard working missionary! We had lots of fun. When Hermana Hurley and I came back from exchanges though, the door was slightly open and we could see a hint of a totally freaked us out. We called our District Leader and said, "Okay. We are going to just talk to you on the phone for a few minutes. If it goes dead or you hear anything - call the cops." We then walked in and soon realized that the light was just coming from the Christmas tree that no one has taken down yet. We then went through the whole apartment, checking every crevice and closets, and once we found that no one was there we realized we were just crazy. hahah I don't think I've ever been so paranoid before.. but Santa Maria! You never can be too careful...

Also! hahah at church yesterday we were walking out to our car after it got over, and we saw this man sitting in his car. We started talking to him and he said, "I have a question. My mother passed away a few months ago. Where is she?" We ended up talking to him for quite a while, giving him a Book of Mormon, and setting a return appointment! It was such a miracle! .... But now... he won't quite calling us. He definitely has a crush on Hermana Hurley... hahahaha we are gonna have to let the Elders take care of this one! 

ALSO at church! I ran into Tiffany Rigby! I knew she was a Hart the second I saw her. :) She was so cute! She had made us cinnamon rolls and invited us to come to dinner. So fun! If President Felix approves then we will go eat with them.
weekly planning under the table because you just gotta switch it up like that sometimes.

ALSO! Feliz Dia de los tres Reyes! look up what this is... 


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