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Monday, January 25, 2016

Que Suenas Con Las Papayacitas! 01/25/2016

I got to go on exchanges to Lompoc last week!! I wish there were still Hna'a in Morro Bay and Arroyo Grande so I could go back to those areas as well! Unfortunately, they have changed the boundaries in Lompoc since I was there, so I didn't get to see any old investigators. But I did get to see Hermana Rosalez, the Nigrete (branch president and wife), the Grants (Relief Society President) and the Trujillos!! We had to stop by the church for something so I saw a bunch of people. :) It is so weird going back to old areas because it doesn't even feel like you ever left... But it was really fun! I got to work with Hermana Arkell, she is still in training but is such a sweet missionary! Haha it was raining ALL DAY. Hermana Arkell had rain boots, so she kept walkin through all of the puddles.

Despite my efforts to walk around the puddles,  I got soaked and was wet the entire day. I had already been a little sick, and so by the end of the day I had a sore throat and was just not feelin my best. I ended up sleeping for a while the next day and when I woke up I thought to myself, "Man. All I want right now is Chicken Noodle Soup!" Serioulsy, I can't even explain how strongly I just wanted a bowl of soup. Well, we ended up having to run something to the church, and then hermana Hurley tells me that Tiffany Rigby had called while I was sleeping and said that she had made some soup and rolls for us to come pick up. She didn't even know I was sick! She just must know how to follow the spirit. It was SUCH an incredible tender mercy to me. If I was any more emotional I might have cried... But I was extremely grateful. All night I just kept going on and on about how loving Heavenly Father is - enough to provide a grumpy sick missionary with some soup from her long distance cousin. Milagros. :)

On a more funny note, we went to go visit a referral that our relief society president had given us. It was dark outside, and we were trying to find this lady's apartment. There was a man (only legally dressed in Hna Hurley's words) standing on the balcony of the apartment above. So like any missionary would, we said hello. Actually we said "hola" because we are spanish missionaries. And he didn't say anything. So we kept looking for the apartment and the same man walked to the other end of the balcony over top of us again. So we said, "Hola, Buenos noches!" And he still didn't answer and then he yells, 
"Como se llama?!"(What is your name?) Hermana Hurley answered and he said, "NO - ELLA!" (No - her! *pointing to me*) I answered and he said, "Estas casada?" (Are you married?) I tried to explain that we were missionaries and he just kept asking me over and over for my name and if I was married. Then this other guy who was sailing pans door to door yelled to him, "Estan trabajando!" (They are working!) And he saved the day. The creepy half naked man left and we got to talk to Omar and give him a card! When we left he said, "Be careful - there are lots of creepy drunk guys around at this time!" hahah what a nice guy. Way to be a gentleman, Omar! As we walked away hermana hurley said,"Well, at least he has to decency to ask if you're married!" haha true. 

On Wednesday we had the worldwide missionary training! Oh man it was so good. It has been a while since they have done one of those, and holy cow. We have seen such a huge difference in missionary work just by applying some of the simple things they taught us like, "always keep the name of the Savior on your lips." Sometimes we get so caught up in talking about the importance of the family or that we have prophets to lead and guide us today that we forget to share our testimony that Christ is our Savior! I think we also forget it alot when we are talking to these awesome faithful hispanic catholic families who do all of the testifying for us! We just agree with what they say, but forget to add our own personal witness specifically of Jesus Christ, our Savior. But we have been doing much better now! :)

Then! The other night I get in bed and Hermana Hurley says to me, "Buenos noches, Hermana. Te quiero. Que suenes con las papayacitas!" (Goodnight hermana, I love you. That you sleep with little papayas... Okay I don't even know how to explain the translation of that one. Ask dad. it's just a thing you can say, excpet typically you say, "que suenes con los angelitos" like little angels...) anyways. I hate papaya. So I told her that was rude and she's like, "no Hermana, there is a papaya in your bed. And I was like, "No there's not." And she was like, "Just look!" And I wouldn't. She tried for 10 minutes to get me to look for this papaya and I kept telling her to leave me alone. She was like bouncy up and down on all fours on her bed, and then she runs out of the room, comes back and says, "did you look?" And I said no. And so she comes and jumps over my bed and pulls out this HUGE papaya that she had placed under my pillow! hahaha what a weirdo! It was so hilarious. I'm sure glad I didn't sleep on that thing! It would have stunk up my whole bed! 

Anyways, it has been a good week! The work here in Santa Maria is CRAZY! We have seen a lot of miracles and we are working so hard. I can't believe how fast everything is going. Every transfer gets faster and faster! But I am so grateful to have the wonderful privilege of being a servant of Jesus Christ. It is a big responsibility to represent him and his gospel, but I am learning so much! I love the Savior, I know that he is the way and the only way to gain happiness! I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

<3 Hermana Trystan Ricks

LOOK WHO CAME TO THE CHURCH DURING EMAILS!!! Hermana Brown!! Well.. Aryanna Brown these days... :)

ELOTE!!!!! And Mango con limon y chile!

hna Rosales

We had to have a sleepover in Lompoc because there was too  much fog for the other Hnas to drive back that night to Santa Maria! Smores over the stove.

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