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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Which Juan? EVERY JUAN! 02/22/2016

HOLA FAMILIA!! Como estan?!

We had such a great week full of so many miracles!
One miracle this week was that we went with the YSA elders to introduce them to another person we had met, and we forgot which door he lived in. So we started knocking the ones we thought it was, and in one of the apartments, a lady anwered that we had given a card to a couple days before. She invited us right in and told us we could teach her! THEN as soon as we left we saw Christina walking up the stairs with a bunch of groceries. (She is our investigator who was the other family who had let us right in when we knocked on the wrong door.) We asked how she was doing and she told us she was going through a really hard time. So we were able to help her take her groceries in and then help her make dinner. At the end, we asked if we could just say a prayer with them, and Hna Eames said it. After the prayer Christina said, "Ahh I just felt the biggest feeling of peace come over me when you prayed!" It most definitely was not a coincidence that the timing was so perfect for us to run into her right as she was walking passed the house we were in. God loves each of us! 

Another miracle was the next morning when we went to go see Christina again! The first was small, but so amazing to me. So that morning, I was studying and flipping through Preach My Gospel (The manual we use as missionaries) and I saw a section I have always just kind of skipped over named, "Teaching People without a Christian Background." At first I thought - no. I am not reading that because everyone here is Catholic and so it doesn't apply to spanish work! But I decided to read it anyways. Well, a few hours later, one of our appointments fell through, so we were walking on the street and passed this teenager that we started talking to. His name was Albert and he is SO SMART. Loves science and math and is interested in learning anything and everything. His grandparents were from mexico, but he grew up here, and doesn't have a Christian background! He doesn't know if there is a God, or the importance of Jesus Christ. But he told us that he loves to learn and see what other people think, and that he would let us come and teach him! How amazing is that?! Unfortunately he doesn't speak spanish, so we have to let the English elders teach him, but what a miracle. It taught me that Heavenly Father really is in charge of this work! He places people in our path every day that we need to meet. 

Then we went to go teach Christina, and we taught her and her kids about the atonement. We had never been able to actually teach her kids before, but this time they were all there. At the end, we all sang, "I Stand All Amazed" together, and Hna Eames asked the 13 year old daughter how she felt while we were singing. She started crying and said that she felt like Christ was there with us. Then everyone started crying... And then the 7 year old son said the cutest prayer in the world. "Heavenly Father, thank you for always being with me and my friends and for playing with us." SO CUTE. 

As far as other events of the week... we taught every-Juan in Santa Maria on wednesday, and each one went more and more down hill. There were three of them. The final Juan was this man that thought Hna Eames was super cute. hahah she always attracts the creepies. But don't worry, we got out of there! 

Well, I am about out of time, but I love you all! I am so grateful to be a missionary and to be gaining the perspective I am. I have so much faith in Heavenly Father's timing and will. I know that he has a perfect plan for each of us, and that even though sometimes it seems like nothing is working out - His plan is what will always bring us the most happiness. It is just our job to be patient and faithful in the little things, and everything will work out for us! 

Have a great week!

<3 Hermana Trystan Ricks 

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