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Monday, March 14, 2016

Gotta Jam 03/07/2016

Hello family!! How is everyone?! This week was so amazing and filled with miracles again!

So I can't remember what all I told you about last week...hopefully I told you already about the member that texted us telling us that he had a less active friend who was getting married and his fiance wanted to learn more about the church? Well she accepted the baptismal date of April 1st! She is so amazing and so prepared to hear the gospel! Their names are Raymond and Maira. Pray for them! 

Also, President Felix has given us the goal of contacting 50 people new people a week in order to find the souls that are prepared for baptism. We have seen so many miracles! We found two families that are so cute. We had lessons with both of them yesterday, and the lessons were so incredible because they are so prepared! Unfortunately I don't remember their last names, so I'll have to tell you to pray for them next week! But there are so many people to talk to in Santa Maria. 

Here's a few of our experiences from trying to contact 50 people:

We ran into a lady yesterday, and when we started talking to her she said, "Oh! I think I watched a documentary on the Mormons the other day." We asked what it was about and realized it was Meet the Mormons! Woohoo! Go netflix. It is so awesome to meet people like that who have had an experience recently of being prepared to meet us!

On the contrary, a little later, we met this punk kid named Levi that was riding this super fancy pink bike. We asked him what he was up to, and he told us he was riding his sister's bike. He totally stole it... and then we tried to talk to him and he asked us to watch the bike for a second. After he came back and totally checked out my companion, I told him that we were missionaries that taught people about Jesus Christ. He quickly said, "Actually I gotta jam.." And then Hna Eames starts dancing and said, "Jam? Is that the lingo the kids are using these days??" hahaha so funny. 

Okay I am sorry this is so short, I have to get off now! I LOVE YOU ALL! The church is true!

<3 Hermana Ricks

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