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Monday, March 21, 2016

La lucha es real 03/21/2016

So Hermana Eames and I wrote this song this week that goes like this: "Strugglin' *yeah yeah!* Strugglin' *yeah yeah!*"

We sing it every time something happens where we are just struggling with life. Like when we drive an hour and fifteen minutes to zone conference in Santa Barbara, only to pull into an empty parking lot and realize the text said, "Santa Maria Stake Center" which happens to be 5 minutes from our house. But the drive was beautiful! Right along the pacific ocean. :)

This week has been full of so many miracles again!! We are so blessed to be in this area. Here are two awesome stories:

Remember the Lopez family who are less actives? they have 5 boys under the age of 11 and they haven't been to church in about a year and a half...THEY CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!! And Hna Lopez had also come to the relief society activity in the middle of the week!!! They even came to all three hours so the boys got to go to primary. I have never experienced a less active family coming back before - it was so exciting!! They are usually more stubborn than investigators!

Also, our investigator, Maira. SHE IS INCREDIBLE. Her and Raymond are getting married this Saturday and we are so excited! (we may or may not have spent the morning buying outfits for her wedding.:)) But we had such a great lesson with her! We had previously taught her the Word of Wisdom and when we came to teach her this week, before we even asked her how it was going she said, "So I've been following the WOW! This monday was kinda hard because it was cold and I was really tired, so I had the temptation to drink coffee, but then I said a prayer and I wasn't tempted anymore!" (We didn't even tell her to do that!) And we asked her if she feels like this is true and she said, "I think so because I feel different every day now like Christ is with me." and then we taught her about eternal marriage in the temple and she said, "Ohhh I like that better!" And she just kept saying, "Woooow." the whole lesson! We love her. I will just book my plane ticket for a year from now when they go through the temple. :) 

Okay I have like no time, but really fast! The mission is going to start focusing on Family History work, and we are suppose to work on it an hour a week. So if you have anything - let me know!

Also, go check out the website, There is a map of what happened each day of the week prior to Easter and Hna Eames and I have been studying according to what happened each day out of Jesus the Christ and the bible and it is SO AWESOME! I encourage you all to do the same! 
I love you all!! The church is true! Sorry I am being kicked off the computer soon! HAPPY EASTER! (Thank you SO MUCH for the package mom!!!)

Also, every time the elders talk to us they ask if we need anything and we tell them burritos. They finally made them after all transfer!! hahaha #1 zone leaders.

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