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Thursday, January 1, 2015

I’m Baaaaack 12/23/14

The zone leader told me that we had more time than I thought, so I will be able to finish the letter! 

A little more about Mexico... The houses are so colorful. There are palm trees EVERYWHERE! It doesn't feel humid, but my hair definitely won't stay curled today. The food isn't actually that bad! It hasn't made me sick yet...but I make sure to eat lots of salad for lunch and dinner. There is also like an endless supply of Nutella which makes me super happy. However, their donuts could use a little American assistance. Also, one of our teachers told us that is was "Mucho safer than the rest of Mexico and Guatemala or Hondoras. So you can sleep better at night, mom. ;)

So my companion and I get along super well. We havea lotof different views, but we don´t clash. We work out every day together! Are you proud?? :) We play basketball afterwards too. Its super fun. She has had a lot of health issues, and family issues. I don't know specifically, but she isn't treated very well at home. Her brother passed away when she was 8 years old, and there has been a lot of contention ever since. She is going to Ventura with me!! So that will be really fun. Please pray for her. 

I love my District. We are the only Hermanas in our district, and all the Elders are going to Lubbock Texas! Which is where Brooke Raymond is. We have one of those guys that answers every single thing and interrupts the teacher, but doesn't ever really make sense. He's in a three-some and you can tell the other Elders get really frustrated with him. I think he's really nice though, just lacking a little in the social department. There is another Elder that is superrrr home sick. On Friday night he mentioned how he was really excited to email home because he was a little bit homesick, and the next day him and his companion kept disappearing from class. We later found out he had been going to see Hermana Brown, the psychiatrist. The next day was Sunday and he seemed to be doing a lot better, but then Monday we never even saw him until dinner. We were walking back to our casa's with them and I asked him if he was okay. He said that he was doing a lot better, but that he had a lot of anxiety issues, and they gave him some more medicine for it. I told him I had a friend that was really homesick that I sent some conference talks to and that I brought the same ones with me if he wanted them. He said he really wanted to read them so I will give them to him when I find him. He is such a sweet Elder... He is from Pleasant Grove Utah. He wants to major in Special Education, and worked with a 3rd grader with special needs before he came out on his mission. He beams with the light of Christ.Please pray for him. He will change lives. 

So another sad story... on Sunday's they randomly call about 6 missionaries to give talks completely in spanish, and they don't say who is speaking until after the Sacrament. (I played the piano, so I'm hoping if I do that every week I won't have to talk.;)) Anyways, one of our zone leaders was called to speak. He gave his talk in Spanish and then said, "Okay the rest if what I say is going to have to be in English because it's really important." He told us that he wasn't worthy to come on a mission, and he was in limbo of finding out whether or not he had to return home. He said that he had feared man more than God, but since he was at the CCM, he learned that it doesn't matter what people think, only what God thinks. It was such a powerful testimony. He still doesn't know if he gets to stay or not, but I really hope he can stay because he is also an incredible Elder. Please pray for him as well. After his talk, the Elder that was homesick from our district went up to talk to him, and the ZL told him that his homesickness is of the Devil. That fear is not of God, but of Satan. I also testify of that. Fear and faith do not coincide. 

I mentioned in the last email that I could understand a lot of Spanish already! Did I also mention that our lesson with our investigator, José Alberto Romero was all in Spanish? He speaks absolutely no English. I got really frustrated on my second lesson that I was preparing. But once we were actually giving it, I could feel God's help. Hermono Romero asked us what la Expiación was (The Atonement) and I was able to explain it to him. It was extremely broken spanish, but I could feel the spirit testifying of my words. 

Our teacher is seriously SO FUNNY!!!!! All the Elders say, "He's the fruitiest guy I know!" I think he is hilarious. He has such a great personality. He told us that we are not here to learn Spanish. Learning Spanish in six weeks is impossible. We are here to receive the gift of tongues. 

Hermana Price and I fasted Saturday night through Sunday that we would receive the gift of tongues. I don´t know exactly how this gift works, but I have faith that the lord will help me with the language when I need it. 

Dad: remember when you told me that it would be a weird thing the first time I had a dream in Spanish? Well, I did the second night. Except I was in the classroom and everyone was talking at the same time in Spanish, and I had absolutely no idea what they were saying to me. I woke up really confused haha.One day I will have a legitimate dream in Spanish, and it'll be great. 

Our teacher, Hermano Sylva, also said, "Your families are praying for you, your bishops and stake presidents are praying for you, your companions are praying for you, your friends are praying for you, the first presidency of the church is praying for you." Our Branch presidency said the same thing on Sunday, but added, "We are praying for you - I wish I was a missionary so I could have all those blessings!" haha I love the Branch Presidency. They are so hilarious. 

Actually, I think I love all Mexicans... They are seriously the nicest people. So friendly and happy. I am going to love working with them!!!!

I will add one more to the list for all those reading this email. In 3 Nephi ch 17 it talks about Jesus Christ visiting people in ancient America. I LOVE in verses 16-18 where it talks about Christ praying for all the people there. It is so powerful. I know that if He prayed for people then, He is praying for each of you right now. He wants you to be happy, He wants you to succeed, and He wants you to come unto Him. We do this through showing faith in Him, by repenting of our sins, by being baptized into His church through proper Priesthood Authority, and by enduring to the end. I am so grateful to wear His name upon my chest every where I go. I am so grateful to declare this message to everyone I can. JESUS IS THE CHRIST. THIS is His church. It was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith, and it will never be taken away again. Come unto Him.  ASK THE MISSIONARIES! They can help you. :) LOVE YOU ALL AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Think of Christ as you celebrate this powerful Holiday. He is the gift. Share the Gift. 

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