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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Random Week 12/30/14

This week was great. I literally cant remember what I told you last week...hopefully I dont repeat myself too much. Time is nonexistent here and Im having a hard time remembering everything that happened...

So at the end of P-day last week I got sick, but thought my throat was just dry. When I woke up I realized I was actually sick. Hma Price made me go to the infirmia...WAT. Ive never gone to the doctor. But I obeyed her anyways. They gave me some medicine...I dont even know what it was or if it helped, but I took it. I then slept all morning of Christmas Eve! We went to our afternoon classes and I had to tell the Elders to stop goofing off because we had been in there for two and a half hours and only like one of them was studying. I said it in a nice way though...good thing cause I have to be with these people 16 hours a day for 6 weeks. 

We then had a Christmas Eve devotional. Each zone was suppose to sing two songs. I played the piano for one of them. Super embarrassing... so the piano is like in the corner of the stage and I got up there and realized I COULD NOT SEE OVER THE ELDERS HEADS TO SEE THE CONDUCTOR. Then when they started singing I couldnt hear anyone because all I could hear was the piano. After the first verse I realized I had been playing like a measure ahead the whole verse... E Vanmaren (One of our ZLs who was conducting) said he was having a hard time leading the choir because he was laughing so hard. Whoops.

After the devo, I went and found Elder Howell and asked him to give me a blessing because I didnt want to be sick on Christmas. He had all of his district join in. He did a great job. Even though there was like 50 pounds of pressure on my head from all the Elder´s placing their hands on it, it was SO COOL to have so many worthy men my own age giving me a blessing through the Priesthood authority of the Lord.

When we got back to our house we made a Christmas tree out of post it notes! I will try to send pictures of it. We wrote "He is the Gift" over the top, placed all of the presents that had been packed in our suitcases under the tree, and put out cookies for santa. But four in case he didnt eat them, so we could each have one in the morning. We then turned off the lights and read Luke 2 - the story of the birth of our Savior, and sang Silent Night. The spirit was exceptionally strong as four little naive girls without their families sang and worshiped the true meaning of Christmas. I have never experienced such a powerful Christmas Eve. I knew at that moment that we are doing the Lord's work. 

Christmas was great! I SAW BRAIDEN CASPERSON SINGING IN THE CHRISTMAS DEVO FROM PROVO! That was really fun. Everyone around me knew it too cause I got a little excited. We basically had a million devotionals on Christmas...but it was still really good. IT WAS SO FUN TALKING TO YOU ALL. Mom, I apologize for lying about only being able to email you, but your reaction was perfection. I love you so much. 

So you know how I was sick? Well, on Friday I had to blow my nose ALL DAY. I used two and a half packages of travel tissues, AND went to the bathroom three times with my comp to get wads of toilet paper. MY NOSE WAS RUBBED RAW. So you know the super awkward Elder in our district? He comes up to me at the end of the day and says, " So I've noticed that your nose is like super red and its been super red all day. Are you feeling okay?" UMM IM FINE THANKS JUST NEED SOME PLUSHIER TISSUES. 

THEN last night I was making fun of this one Elder because he always walks with his hips moving a little too much. So I was like, "Were you a ballroom dancer or something?" and he said, "Yeah!...actually no I wasnt." and the same Elder that basically called me Rudolf said, "He only said yeah because hes trying to impress you. Hes going to ask you out after our missions." OKAY AWKWARD I DIDNT NEED TO KNOW THAT. Then he was like, "What would you do if one of us tried to ask you out after our missions?" And I just put my head back down on my desk as he said "Oh awkward question? Okay..." And I said, "I dont wanna talk about it." Seriously? STAAAAAAAAAAAHP talking. 

I love the Elders in my district though. They remind me of some of my friends at home. Even though I have to get after them for being idiots sometimes... I still love them. 

So other random facts: 

OUR ZONE LEADER GETS TO STAY!!!!!!!!!!! :D However, his talk last week inspired one of the other Elders in his district to not be afraid of man...He left the next morning. I think I forgot to tell you what our branch president said after the ZLs talk... he said, "When a missionary realizes that they are not worthy, it is a hard thing. Everyone might think about all of the money that was "wasted" or the embarrassment of going home, but to see these young people realize and embrace the atonement of Jesus Christ is actually a  very sweet thing." I admire my zone leader and the other boy for being courageous enough to humble themselves to the lord. 

Im also getting really sick of salad and cereal. I wouldn't mind the salads as much if they had more than just nasty ranch and thousand island... and the milk for the cereal is always warm. 

Spanish is really hard. Because of Christmas and everything, we didnt study as much last week. I feel like I´m at a stand still and haven't learned much since the fourth day here... I got really frustrated with myself yesterday, but only for like an hour. Then I got over it. This is the lords time and he called me. He will qualify me. I am excited to actually be able to speak spanish though. 

My companion and I get along really well still! Havent had any problems. We laugh really hard every night about the bizarre things the elders do. 

The elder in my district that was homesick is doing great now! 

Sorry this letter is so spastic... so many random things happened this week!!! But it was a great week. I love the CMM so so sooooo much and I already have anxiety about leaving hahaa. OUR TIME IS HALF OVER! Weird. 


"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that through Him the world might be saved." 

HAVE A GREAT NEW YEARS!!!!! HAPPY 2015! This will be the year that I am completely consecrated to the Lord. I cant wait. 

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