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Thursday, January 1, 2015

My First P-Day 12/23/14

Oh my goodness do I have stories for you...hopefully I can finish all of them because keyboards in Mexico are weird. So my flight didn't actually leave until about 5:30 PM. Because of the fog, we had to sit on the plain for 2 hours and then they decided to let us get back off. We called missionary travel with some random lady's phone, (thank you random lady) and they told us we needed to just re-book because we had also missed our connecting flights, and we would be stuck in Houston if we waited for the fog to clear up. I was with the Elder that we met when we said goodbye, Elder Howell (he went to Skyline - ew. and he's going to Xajlappa MX), and then another elder from swan valley, Elder May (going to Mexico City). They were both super cool and we became really good friends. As we were figuring out our new flight itinerary, Vanetta's sister, Tanna came up to me and asked if I was Shelli's daughter. She ended up buying us pizza and soda. It was really nice. I asked her to tell you about our issues after we left. She was so sweet. Then E May's stake president was there and he gave us 60 bucks for dinner...I love being a missionary!!! I also saw Doug and Mitzi Pruitt. And Madi Hillam!! We took the funniest pictures. I died. Hopefully I can figure out how to upload them before our time is up. So as we were sitting there talking, I figured out that E Howell's dad was the one my Valagrams group sang to in the middle of the auxiliary gym at Skyline!! He called his mom (cause he is more brave than I am) and she laughed super hard. So did I. We also bought super ugly neck pillows because we now were going to endure a Red Eye flight...

So we finally got to Salt Lake. We were thinking about going to temple square because we had another 7 hours ahead of us sitting in the airport, but we decided not to because we had to re-chack our baggage for some reason. With the 60 dollars from E May's stake pres we ate....MCDONALDS!! We all got McFlurrys. We took awesome pictures with our ugly neck pillows, and rode up and down the moving floor for literally an hour I think. It was so fun though! I love those Elders. We would have been friends in High School. Seriously such fun people. E Howell said he was Mr SHS so he has a life-long rivalry with Zach Buell. They kept teasing me about being a Frozen fanatic.. ummm. I don't even like Frozen! But I never knew what TV shows they were talking about so that's what they decided I liked. 

Then it was a new day and we hadn't even slept yet! We got on our flight to GEORGIA. I sat next to the cutest couple ever that had an adorable two week old baby. I was in the isle seat so I told them they could wake me up in they needed to get out. Well, I had fallen asleep and they woke me up in the middle of my nap because the baby was wet. I was totally discombobulated and couldn't figure out what they wanted me to do. I tried turning my legs to the isle and couldn't understand why the arm of the seat wouldn't lift up. After they both ended up having the crawl over me, I realized that I could have just stood up. Super awk. When they got back i apologized for being such an idiot. 

After landing in the Atlanta airport, I went to the bathroom to change and saw that I HAD SAT IN GUM ON THE AIRPLANE. All those years of mom checking her seat for gum...I should have listened. I'll probably be sending that dress home once I get to the States. When I got back E Howell had gone to get us all breakfast with the leftover money from the $60. I had about 3 bites left and the Elders started talking about the CCM (MTC). I GOT SO SICK TO MY STOMACH. But don't worry, I finished my breakfast sandwich. I did have to ask the Stewardess for Gongerale on the plane though... and then I just slept the time. I woke up as we were completely over the ocean. SpOoKy!!!! 

We got off the airplane and stepped into Mexico. I definitely don't know Spanish! E Howell did a pretty good job interpretting. Our guy wasn't there to pick us up, so we tried using a pay phone with my calling card, but the directions on the phone were all in Spanish so we were SOL. We tried to ask a lady if she could help us, but I think she thought we wanted her phone. She said no. haha. 

Then the guy finally came and we were so relieved! I started talking to him and he said, "Hermana Ricks! I do not speak English. " He started talking to me in spanish... I was a deer in the headlights. The Elders knew what he was saying though. After he went to get the car I said, "Guys, I don't know spanish." E Howell said, "Si Hermana Ricks, muy obvioso." Thanks Elder Howell. (I saw him on Sunday and I said, "E Howell! My Spanish is mucho better." He said, "Oh yeah?? It doesn't sound like it." THANKS ELDER HOWELL.) While we were driving the the CCM, the guy gave us some mandarinas and sang church songs to us with a really excited voice. He was hilarious. There were also a ton of people selling food in the middle of the street. Like walking around in the middle of the road like the fire department does to get donations. Except for the drivers here are CRAZY. Even the guy that was driving us! 

We pulled into the CCM... SOOOOO SO PRETTY!!!! I love it here. The weather is perfect. I'm jealous that E may and E Howell get to stay. (Except it does stink sometimes...) We dropped off our bags at the reception, got our nametags, and the lady told us to go get some lunch and then come back to finish checking in. Well, while I was in line for food, all the Elders kept telling me to go to the front of the line (Hermanas get to just cut everyone..aww.) But I told them I didn´t have a companion or know anyone so I was just going to stay with the Elders. We went and sat down, and ate our food. Everyone kept giving me weird looks because I was sitting with the Elders, and it was super awkward. When I had like 2 bites left, this teacher came up to me and told me I was not to sit with the Elders, and also got after the Elders for allowing me to sit there. I mean, we didn't know that rules, and I totally had just spent the last 36 hours with these guys, but whatever. So I went to sit at the table behind them with some Hermanas, and crazy enough, there was my companion! Hermana Price. She is from Grantsville Utah, and is going to Ventura! We get along really well. Anyways, I told the group of Hrms that I needed to go get my stuff and e-mail you guys, but they said we needed to go to this meeting. After that meeting, there were like 20 other meetings. So when dinner finally rolled around, we came back to get my stuff and the guy at the desk said, "Oh yes!!! You were supposed to come back a long time ago. Your dad called very worried." So basically is that one teacher would have let me finish my popsicle in peace, everything would have been fine, and would have gone back to get my stuff with the Elders like I was suppose to. I guess I'm just the rebel of the CCM! ;) Just kidding. I haven't had any problems since. 

So my time is almost up... I had a lot more stories than I thought. So I won't be able to e-mail you again later, and I'll have to send pictures next week. I'll hurry and tell you a little about the rest of the week...

We have an "investigator" names Jose Alberto Romero. They said he is real, but none of us believed them, until yesterday when he wore a Cool's Light shirt... So now I'm not so sure. We have sung to him a couple times in our lessons... its the best spanish we speak! haha. But it also really invites the spirit. It is amazing how much I can understand of what my teachers say. I can't  speak very well, but I can understand SO MUCH! That is the first step. I am so grateful that I am able to serve the Lord. I will have to tell you about my district and companion and teacher and zone more next week, and I'll have a ton of pictures!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! I am loving it here so much. 

God be with you til we meet again. 

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