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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week of the Spawn of Satan? Not quite, District 14A might think so... 1/6/15

Thank you so much for sending TWO packages of Sparkling Cider!!! AND DONUTS We had a White Elephant gift exchange with our district, and we drank two of the bottles and everyone loved it.

Okay so this week has been full of craziness.

Last Wednesday Hma Price hit her head on the bed after Gym in the morning, and it was bugging her all day, so we went and called in the Doctor that night and he came in and did and exam. Turns out she had a concussion...He said it wasn't bad enough to worry about waking her up during the night, but the next morning we had a hard time waking her up and it was the scariest thing ever. She was a trooper though! We still went to class, and she only had to go home once to lay down. 

The next day we had a lesson with Hmo Sylva. He is the hardest pretend investigator in our district because he pretends to fall asleep the WHOLE LESSON unless you are really good. So we decided to make a game to teach the Plan of Salvation, so we made up a thing that was like "Shoots and Ladders" except it was "Pecados y Arrepentimientos" (Sins and repentance." It went SO well, and it was the first lesson we taught without any notes. Before that we would seriously read almost the entire lesson because we didnt know Spanish well enough. It was such a tender mercy, a little glimpse of the gift of tongues, because Ive been really frustrated with my Spanish. Not enough to have an emotional breakdown yet though so thats good. 

We also had the main water line break all throughout the CCM, so no one could shower or flush the toilet anywhere on campus for 2 days. Gross. I never realized what a blessing running water is...

On Sunday we had a lesson in Relief Society about how there is a Universal Language that is more importnant than Spanish, and that is the languageof Angels. There is a talk by President Uchtdorf about it. I cant remember what its called, but he talks about how it is the language of the Love of Christ that can pierce any heart, heal any hatred, and cure any broken spirit. It says in 2 Nephi 31 and 32 that when we are baptized into Christ's church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost which grants us the potential to speak the Language of Angels. She then related that to President Uchtdorf's talk, and told us how this is the most important language we learn on our missions. 

Then on fast Sunday one of our Elders got up to bear his testimony and mentioned that his dad has Alzheimer's and has to be in a care facility. I asked him more about it later and he told me how there are 6 kids in his family, the youngest is 8, and his dad is only 55 years old. I just started crying so hard. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to leave my family, knowing that when I come home my dad wont be able to remember who I am. He has incredible faith, and just kept saying how many blessings he has had throughout his whole life. 

THEN last night one of my favorite Elders, E Wares, found out he might have to go home. He has had four different surgeries on his eye because he gets these bubbles in his eye that doesn't allow him to see correctly, and it makes him see doubles and get massive headaches and not be able to read. He spent all night and all day today trying to get ahold of his eye surgeon and find out if they can do anything about it if they are here. I have been fasting for him today that his eye will be healed. He just barely found out that he is okay to take some of the special eye drops they have here, but if his eye isnt completely healed in two dayshe will have to go back home, have surgery (which he said takes four months to recover from) and resubmit for a mission. PLEASE pray with as much faith that you have that the Lord's will be done. Everything happens for a reason... but I want him to stay! We are buddies and we struggle with Spanish in the corner together. 

We went to the Mexico City visitor's Center today!!! It was SO cool. I took lots of pictures! If I cannot figure out a good way to send all of my pictures before I leave, I will make sure to have a member in CA set up a dropbox for me. Anyways, the coolest part about the visitor's Center was...I RAN IN TO JACE PACKER'S GRANDPARENTS. WHAT?! Crazy. I was standing there waiting for the little souvenir store to open and this couple walks up to our group saying, "Do any of you know a sister named Trystan Ricks from Idaho Falls?" I was like.. "Umm yeah thats me!" haha they were sooo nice. They are on a mission here as well.  It made my entire day. 

So I left out some stuff from last weeks E-mail:
1. In one of our "investigator" lessons he was telling us about his family. When he told us he hadnt seen his kids in many years, I totally thought he said he was blind. When I asked him how long he had not been able to see, my companion and him gave me the weirdest look... I sincerely hope that is the worst of my Spanish stories.

2. The next night we were having a devotional, and we sang a hymn. Naturally, I bowed my head for the opening prayer (which is always given in Spanish.) About 30 seconds in I heard my companion say, "Its not the prayer yet..." We died. Right there. Laughing until the actual prayer was over. 

3. Last week we had the dumb idea to share our first names with everyone. I cannot describe how weird it was, or explain why it was so uncomfortable, but afterwards everyone agreed that it was the worst idea ever. Also, one of the Elders found it weird that my first name is Trystan, because he is "used to it being a guys name." So he took it upon himself to re-name me "Trish" and now they all call me that. I tried saying, "Ummmmm thats Hermana to you" (With my finger in sassy mode) but it didnt work. Now every morning, E Wares and E Beagley run past our house on their way to gym, and E Wares says (in a super femmy voice) "Oh hey Trish!" 

Anyways, I wish I had the time and the words to explain how much I am learning. I learn so many little things constantly, and my testimony has grown so much because of it. I just want to explain to the world that Jesus is the Christ, and that through Him every morsel of guilt that they have ever felt, and any weakness that they have can be swallowed up in His glory. He sacrificed His life for each one of us. Through showing faith in Him,  repenting of our sins (not following the commandments of God), being baptized by His authority (the authority of the priesthood that is ONLY found in His church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), and continually following Him until the very end of our lives, we will find the greatest happiness of all - Eternal Life with our God. We can live with our families for FOREVER. How incredible is that message?? Why would anyone that knows this want to keep it hidden? "If you are not a full time missionary with a badge pinned on your chest, now is the time to pin one on your heart." This gospel is true, and it is necessary that every soul hear about it. Joseph Smith truly saw God the Father, and His son, Jesus Christ, and through their guidence, Joseph Smith restored this incredible message to the world. PLEASE SHARE IT IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. It is too important not to. 

I love you all so much!

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