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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Great Week! 03/16/15

This week was awesome!
Hermana Brown is so stinkin cute! She's really funny and loves the people here already. She is really organized, loves chips, sings like Beyonce, is from Samoa/Salt Lake, and is just super hilarious. I love being her companion!
This week Selena gave the opening prayer in church!! I was so proud! All she said was, "Bless las misioneras and bless my family" and it was the shortest sweetest prayer I've ever heard in a sacrament meeting! She used to be scared to even pray with us, and now she's a pro! She told us that she wants to go on a mission, so we've been trying to take her out with us a lot to teach. We have another investigator that is going to be baptized, and we were teaching him last night with Selena. I heard her say under her breath, "He should do it. It changed my life." I told her to tell that to him, and she was really nervous to say it, but she did and the spirit was so strong! I love her so much.
I can't think of anything that I could write that would be funny to you all...but this week was full of a lot of little funny things! They are the "you had to be there" kind of expereinces.
We found out that Hermana Huey is going to be one of our sister training leaders, so I'm super excited that I'll get to see her more! It was so sad saying goodbye to her. She was so great! But Hna Brown is pretty great too. :) I've just loved all my comps so far!
I love you all! I know this is the true church of Jesus Christ! I am so grateful to be here, it's the best thing EVERRRR!

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