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Monday, March 9, 2015

The food some people eat... 03/09/15

And the news is...

I AM STAYING IN OXNARD! Hermana Huey is leaving though :'( She is going to be a Sister Training Leader in Ventura! She will be so amazing! My new companion is going to be Hermana Brown, I have not met her yet, but Hermana Jeronimo screamed from excitement when we heard because she was so excited. Im excited to meet and work with her, but sad to have Hna Huey leave!

Funny Story from the week:

So we went to dinner last week with a recent convert. She was standing behind her counter preparing the food and yelled to us asking if we like "Papitas" (little potatoes). Hna Huey told her that we LOVE papitas! She laughed, lifted up her leg, pointed to her foot and said, "No, paTitas!" (feet). Long story short, she fed us pig feet and it was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen! Basically a huge ball of fat with bones in it. Luckily for me, I was able to hide in my Pasole. But Hna Huey was a trooper and ate hers! She regretted it later though...

You know what else she regretted? Eating 4 super hot peppers yesterday at a members house! We had been dreading eating with this family all week. They fed the other Hermanas in the ward "rocky-mountain oysters" and another set of missionaries crickets! (Only because they think its funny, not because they aren't aware that those foods aren't normal...) Anyways, they ended up feeding us normal food and told us, "The first time you come, you have to eat a Chile. The second time you come, you get a surprise!" They said the record for peppers was kept by Elder Sorensen who ate 3, so Hermana Huey took it upon herself to eat 4! I thought she was going to die!! But it was hilarious...

We had a lot of awesome things happen in the ward! The other sisters had two investigators get baptized, and we have a lot of people full of lots of potential! I am excited to be here for another transfer and see how they do. :) Love you all!

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